Home Automation

Building Automation

Building automation or smart home (also known as domotics or domotica) is the residential extension of home automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, heating (such as smart thermostats), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security, as well as home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers that use WiFi for remote monitoring.

SOS Alerts

We provide SOS alerts that might save your life when you are alone someday and start feeling very ill, incapable of calling an ambulance or reaching the nearest hospital.

Electricity Consumption – Reports & Alerts

An energy efficient smart home requires careful planning and proper installation to ensure it's saving you as much energy as possible.The biggest savings that can be had are in the way your home regulates its climate. Through use of sensors and timers, cooling and heating units, ceiling fans, windows, window coverings and exhaust fans can all be controlled to make the absolute most of natural heat and coolness. You can monitor them by using our Reports and Alerts.

Connecting Facility Management & Entertainment areas

We provide the gated communities with smart systems that can help save lives in case of an emergency. Threatening situations and other emergencies can be detected early by use of critical systems monitoring, fire detection and evacuation, CCTV systems, and paging. Their live video cameras allow them to look-in on their property and receive notifications from anywhere and at any time. They can communicate to the management/entertainment areas (near by) with the solution we provied.

Integration of Smart Security Cameras

Gone are the days of long, obtrusive wires running across floorboards or walls. Many of today’s security cameras are wireless, using broadband or short-range technologies like Z-Wave to communicate with a control panel or connected smart device.Wireless security cameras are easier to install, and they give you greater flexibility for placement.