Real-Time Track and Trace

Show the position of your vehicles, routes, and traffic information at one glance.

Analysis & Reports

Provide the compact and transparent evaluation of your data and, thus, permit the application of your fleet with maximum efficiency.

Trip History

Revisit a trip whenever you feel like. Get the performance details of the trip which helps to improve your diving skills.

Notification & Alerts

These notifications provide detailed information about the daily actions of your fleet in real-time. Alerts can enhance accountability when it comes to the driving behaviors.

Driver Dashboard

Get detailed summary of individual driving patters, harsh braking/acceleration, clutching, idling, etc..

Camera & Tyre Pressure

The camera provide detailed information about the daily actions of your fleet driver in real-time, which helps in monitoring the driving behaviors.

The Tyre pressure gives the information about the pressure on each tyres and alerts will be generated when the threshold exceeds or gets down.

Load Finder

Whether you have a fleet or work for one, easily find freight with our system – the best desktop solution for dispatchers and fleet owners seeking a reliable and free freight search load.

Location based service & Insurance

The Location based service helps the driver's and fleet owner's to get the near by service center's. We also provide Service & Insurance Alerts